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Donna Nair

Donna Nair - Advanced Practice Nurse

Mobile Wound Nurse Consulting & Lymphoedema Practitioner

Assessment and management of hard to heal wounds and chronic oedema in the Geelong and Ballarat communities

Wound Expertise

Donna Nair is a Clinical Nurse Consultant and Lymphoedema Practitioner who has extensive clinical experience working with complex wounds in public health, disability, aged care and private practice. Donna and the team at Good Wound Care, provide advanced community based wound services, that may reduce healing times, improve patients’ ability to care for their own wounds and help to prevent future wounds.

Wound & Lymphoedema Service

This uniquely combined wound AND lymphoedema service offers advanced assessment and planning for wounds that are hard to heal or recur. Good Wound Care has substantial experience working with ulcers on the lower limb, pressure injuries, all chronic wound types and lymphoedema (chronic swelling) with or without wounds. The service fits many styles of compression garments and prescribes pneumatic compression pumps.

We Come To You

We believe your location and access to transport should not determine your ability to access a wound service. Through our mobile and telehealth services, we offer a way to access skilled wound care as an alternative to attending a wound clinic. Appointments within our service boundary may be at your home, at a facility, or at a GP clinic by prior arrangement. Good Wound Care can work with your existing health care team where they are seeking additional wound support and recommendations.

Donna Nair

Donna has a trusted and established reputation in wound care, having over 20 years experience in hard to heal wounds. Donna’s combined expertise in wounds and lymphoedema offers a personalised and tailored approach because wounds are often present and fail to heal, where there is chronic swelling. Donna, and the team, maintains up to date knowledge and skills to ensure you have access to evidenced informed best practice.

Our values at Good Wound Care are Consistency, Collaboration and Compassion. These drive our approach in working with clients, carers, and wider health care team.

While there are numerous health professionals skilled in general wound care, many individuals benefit from the technical and practical support an experienced wound clinician can bring to the team. Wounds that are complex and not showing signs of healing become harder to heal the longer they persist and swelling becomes harder to manage. Good Wound Care is able to help bring your wound back on track.

Donna Nair
Woman with swollen feet and legs

Your Wound Matters

Wounds and lymphoedema are often painful and hidden afflictions that become worse over time. Each year, wounds alone cost our Australian hospitals and aged care system nearly $6.6 billion. Everyday, $4 million is spent managing diabetes related foot disease. On top of this, many wounded patients will go on to spend $4k more in wound care expenses. Every 2 hours in Australia, a person with diabetes has a minor or major amputation as a direct result of diabetes related foot disease, often preceded by a wound. More than 450,000 Australians live with wounds often suffering with social isolation, infections, embarrassment, depression, and lost income.

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